Alexandra and Todd ( Baltimore, MD wedding photographer)

I loved shooting this sweet couples wedding.  Their love for each other just radiates off of them.  Allie is so fun and outgoing and you can just tell how much Todd loves her.  The wedding was at the Gramercy Mansion and was so beautiful! Thanks for helping me Kara Zaron photography.   Enjoy these sweet images.



DSC_3225 copyDSC_3233 copyDSC_3242_edited-1   DSC_3239 copyDSC_3247_edited-1DSC_3258_edited-1DSC_3268_edited-1DSC_3272_edited-1DSC_3309 copyDSC_3324-2 copyDSC_3362 copyDSC_3653_edited-1DSC_3911 copyDSC_3947_edited-1 copyDSC_3978_edited-1DSC_3985 copyDSC_3991 copyKZP_5603 copyKZP_5656_edited-1KZP_5834_edited-1KZP_5819 copyDSC_4156_edited-1DSC_4214_edited-1DSC_4204 copyDSC_4199_edited-1DSC_4030_edited-1DSC_4015 copyDSC_4483_edited-1DSC_4485 copyDSC_4637 copyDSC_4412_edited-1DSC_4373b copyDSC_4573_edited-1DSC_4647 copyDSC_5267_edited-1DSC_5274 copyDSC_5304_edited-1DSC_5303_edited-1


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