Babies, Babies, and more Babies… (MD, newborn photographer)

Hey Guys! I have been so busy taking so many cute pictures that I haven’t been able to post on my blog. I really love capturing newborns and Love to share my work. Here are some favorite newborn shots I have captured over the past few months. Enjoy!<3

xoxo, Stephanie

newborn photography, newborn photographer, Md newborn photographer, newborn props, thirty3stitches easy, newborn girl, newborn boy, copyright 2015 caught fire photography, stephanie zahn DSC_0002_edited-1 DSC_0220_edited-1 DSC_2457_edited-1 DSC_3628_edited-1 DSC_3894_edited-1 DSC_3927_edited-1 DSC_3976_edited-1 DSC_4007_edited-1 DSC_4055_edited-1 DSC_4503_edited-1 DSC_4600_edited-1 DSC_5618_edited-1 DSC_7715_edited-1 DSC_9037_edited-1 DSC_2105_edited-1DSC_2034_edited-1


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