Riley’s 1st birthday Photo shoot , ( Maryland child photography)

A couple weeks ago I shot Riley’s first birthday pictures for her invites. She was an absolute doll and it never gets old photographing her . I photographed her mommy’s maternity as well as her newborn, 3 month, 6 month and her almost 1 year . Riley- you are just the cutest little thing… happy almost first birthday!



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Can you tell how much they adore her?!
DSC_2414 copy
Mommy kisses
DSC_2591 copy
Daddy’s girl ❤

DSC_2469 copy     DSC_2451 copy

DSC_2496 copy     DSC_2501 copy

pretty in gold and pink

DSC_2647 copy  DSC_2792 copy

pre  DSC_2573 copy


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